Massimo Dutti Secret Love Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Franck Durand & Mikael Jansson

Massimo Dutti

Secret Love Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Franck Durand & Mikael Jansson

Love of one’s craft is no secret as it shines through no matter if you wish to hide it or not and for this season’s Massimo Dutti’s ‘Secret Love’ campaign, there is no hiding Creative Director Franck Durand and Photographer Mikael Jansson’s love for cinematic storytelling.

Jansson has long been associated with romantic storylines full of burnt umber hues as crisp as a fall day’s air is fresh. Atelier Franck Durand’s founder too loves a good ‘holiday’ story complete with cobbled streets and vintage boxed BMW’s. Together the talented duo find a simple story of young love in the heart of Rome worthy of a fashion film short this season.

The film cast Rianne Van Rompaey as an American actress in Rome to finish a film as we see her meandering through a day of makeup secessions, photoshoots, and answering quick questions for paparazzi. All the while pining for a ‘Secret Love,’ played by Simon Nessman, who has flowers sent and waits to rendezvous with her, pretending to be her driver.

The movie does something seen rarely these days within the time frame of a fashion minute, it has a beginning, middle, and end, along with opening and closing credits no less. Perhaps this should be used in fashion film school as a ‘best-of’ case study.

The stills of the campaign are equally cinematic and kudos goes to the team from styling to lighting to layout. The main secret here is that the team loves its work and it shows.

Agency | Atelier Franck Durand
Creative Director | Franck Durand
Photographer | Mikael Jansson
Director of Photography | Axel Pettersson
Models | Rianne Van Rompaey, Simon Nessman & Deirdre Firinne
Stylist | Geraldine Saglio
Hair | Rudi Lewis
Makeup | Hannah Murray
Production | Mamma Team Productions
Music | Tympanistan