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Me, You, and Miu Miu By the Sea in Latest Eyewear Fashion Film


Just in time for summer, Miu Miu released a heartwarming film to showcase their eyewear collection, ‘Scenique.’ The film features two young women vacationing by the sea, whilst basking in the sun. The friendship lures you into the moment, and makes it feel as if you’re part of the fun. The film carries the viewer through their day, starting off with a decadent breakfast, followed by hide and seek. It quickly shifts over to them leisurely enjoying their day reading books by the shore, swimming, and even boating. The variety of shots are versatile and entertaining, creating an ode to the beauty of friendship.



Agency | Dazed Media Studio
Creative Director | Sion Phillips
Director | Victoris Hely-Hutchinson
Director of Photograher | Ethan Palmer
Models | Emma Greenwell & Millie Brady
Editorial Diretor | Laura Bradley
Executive Producer | Ben Miller