Messika Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Mert and Marcus


Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Mert and Marcus

Valérie Messika appears to have vested Messika in mythology this season casting Kate Moss, Sylvia Hoeks, Joan Smalls in a campaign that reminds us of the three mythical women known as Fates. These three sister goddesses appeared in Greek and Roman mythology and were thought to determined when life began, ended, and everything in between.

“I wanted to create a trio of girls, a gang that would represent women in their diversity and each of whom, whatever their age, would embody a type of beauty“, says Valérie Messika sounding more as if the trio are more Muses than Fates.

The team of Mert & Marcus lens the campaign in their highly stylized lighting they have become known for. Props of chains provide both a literal representation of the strength Messika’s materials as well as a figurative representation of the power of the three muses.

Kate Moss has always been my muse, she is a Legend of fashion and a rock n’ roll icon. Kate is above all a free woman. As for Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks, she seduced me with her personality and her character. Finally, I chose Joan Smalls for her spectacular physique. She gives off a very contemporary glamour. Beyond jewelry, this trio has an attitude. They are strong women who breathe their own style into jewelry. They influence diamonds and not the other way around.

– Valérie Messika

‘Fates’ eventually became ‘fate,’ and one’s destiny often relied on a bit on Lady Luck which is fitting as the campaign is entitled ‘Lucky Move.’ The best move here is the casting which draws new interest in the house and allows it to expand its reach through PR. Should those chains be able to link to a larger audience remains to be seen but as the Fates would have it, we think it will turn out well.

Messika Creative Director | Valérie Messika
Photographers/Directors | Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
Models | Kate Moss, Sylvia Hoeks, & Joan Smalls
Music | As The Throttle Throbs by Gary Router

Editor-In-Chief, Chief Impressionist | The Impression
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