Missoni Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos


Spring 2020 Ad Campaign by GB65

Missoni Creative Director Angela Missoni has teamed up with GB65 Creative Director Giovanni Bianco and photography duo Mert & Marcus to bring forth a seaside rendezvous, shot on the shores of Sardinia’s coastal landscapes. Bella Hadid is the heroine, draped in diaphanous mesh dresses, ruffled bikini tops, and iridescent lamé ensembles that effectively evoke the colorful 70’s vibe that the brand is famous for.

The short film zeros in on Hadid’s fingertips covered with grains of sand, slowly brushing across the surface of Aubrey O’Mahoney’s bare chest before casting a knowing glance at the camera. The soundscape of tropical insects chirping as the sun sets, and a flock of aquatic birds flying across the screen quickly sets the stage and lulls the viewer into a romantic state of mind – so that when Hadid makes eye-contact with the camera at the end, the viewer is gently jarred out of their revelry as the suspension of disbelief is cleverly broken. The photographs from Mert & Marcus work nicely with the short film, expanding the visuals to include splashes of glistening surf which dovetail nicely with the shimmery fabrics, and amorphous bright pinks, blues, and reds reminiscent of colors from a coral reef. Mixing a late 70’s tone with this romantic seaside sunset gives the campaign a feeling of the Little Mermaid story for adults… as if the mermaid is about to kiss her prince so she can stay in human form forever. And after all, a well told fairy tale is impossible to resist.

Missoni Creative Director | Angela Missoni
Agency | GB65
Creative Director | Giovanni Bianco
Photographer | Mert & Marcus
Models | Bella Hadid & Aubrey O’Mahoney
Stylist | Vanessa Reid and Mobolaji Dawodu
Hair | Alex Brownsell
Makeup | Lauren Parson
Casting Director | Barbara Nicoli & Leila Ananna
Location | Sardinia, Italy