Missoni x Adidas Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

Missoni x Adidas

Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

Today, the iconic Italian fashion brand Missoni has announced their collaboration with Adidas Running, joining forces for the first time to create a line of performance shoes and apparel that celebrates the innovation and craftsmanship of the Adidas brand and Missoni cofounder and Olympic hurdler, Ottavio Missoni.

Showcasing Missoni’s authentic credentials in the realm of athletics, founder, Ottavio Missoni, started his career as a runner at the age of 16, then went on to represent Italy in the 400m finals at the 1948 Olympics Games, London. Presently, the brands’ Creative Director – Ottavio’s daughter, Angela Missoni – is committed to infusing the family brand with new energy, communicating new trends and ideas since 1997. Seems to just ‘run’ in the family.

The story of this collaboration started from the idea that both our companies’ founders were amazing craftsmen that were constantly pushing the limits of their industry. We hope runners everywhere will enjoy the product range for its creativity and quality above everything else.

– Angela Missoni, Creative Director of Missoni

Craig Vanderoef, Senior Director, Product at Adidas Running said, “Our collaboration with Missoni is very close to our hearts. Our founders built our brands on such similar values – innovation, creativity, high-quality craftmanship – to bring their inspirational stories together was an amazing experience. Working together was a natural fit, taking each of our crafts to the next level to seamlessly merge style and performance together.”

The creative collaboration is painted upon a rich canvas of history which refers to both brand’s roots, paying homage to Adidas’ dedication to the craft of performance and Ottavio Missoni’s vision in fashion. Co-founder with wife Rosita of one of the most iconic brands in the world, the couple invented a new style made of kaleidoscopes of colors, unconventional patterns and innovative dying techniques which shaped the modern age of ready-to-wear.

But what sticks out to us the most lies in the in the personal family history behind Missoni’s heritage. While Ottavio Missoni is primarily famed for the influences of the Missoni brand — his style, elegance and beautiful touch were known way before entering into the fashion world. Angela Missoni took to Instagram to share her father’s intimate story — one starting on the running track and ending in the founding of Missoni.

Known as “Passo Dipinto” on the track — translating to “Painted Step”, Ottavio Missoni ran the 4×400 along with the 400m hurdles in-style, managing to achieve an Italian National track record which would go on to last more than 60 years.

And ironically, Missoni’s family-run business began with running. Meeting wife Rosita during his track career — they ended up collaborating his talent with her love of fashion, thus Missoni was born. After making a name for himself in the athletics sphere, he was able to translate the passion that comes from being an athlete into the fashion world. An inspiring family history was molded through a combined love of sport, craftsmanship and tireless dedication.

The footwear features a collection of Adidas’ iconic Ultraboost which incorporate Missoni’s trademark Space-dying technique on the knitted upper to achieve the iconic “flame” pattern which Missoni is renowned for. Meanwhile, Adidas’ industry defining BOOST technology in the shoe’s midsole provides runners with optimal responsiveness and energy.

Photographers | Santiago & Mauricio