Miu Miu Fall 2018 Fashion Show Set

Miu Miu | Fall 2018 | The Set-Up

In showcasing the luxury labels Fall 2018 collection of colorful Fifties meets Eighties silhouettes, M/M Paris created a set design of little color but of great artistic detail and design.

The ceiling of the Paris location was dispersed with giant, hanging white screens printed with black illustrations of each letter of the alphabet, as well as a figure of a woman. Under the creative direction of M/M Paris, these prints were composed of faces and bodies with hands on hips or fingers lightly touching.

The alphabet print décor idea was Miuccia’s idea of comportment, as the clothes showcased on such a set were her expression of style inclusivity, pairing different looks to different personalities.

Miu Miu’s simple colored yet artistically stimulating set design served as the perfect showcase for the brand’s bold, brightly colored looks.




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