Moncler Beyond Ad Campaign by Craig McDean & Baron & Baron

Moncler | Beyond Ad Campaign

In Moncler’s new BEYOND Campaign, the house is climbing above and beyond to show just how diversity can be a strength.

Photographed by Craig McDean with creative direction from Fabien Baron, the campaign consists of portraits of 19 individuals from all walks of life who have pushed “beyond” the boundaries throughout their careers. A film also accompanies the campaign.

Each individual presents limits that they have had to push beyond to succeed. For example, freestyle skier and LGBTQ activitist Gus Kenworthy has gone “beyond barriers,” while actress Eiza Gonzalez has pushed “beyond stereotypes.”


“BEYOND is an expression of pure human strength that pushes Man to break harsh, pre-set moulds,…a life proposition that is effective and resonating because it is true and straightforward, just like Moncler,” the house said in a statement. “BEYOND is a sum of what Moncler stands for because at its core Moncler is a brand that goes beyond.”

Moncler has always pushed beyond limits and expectations to become a brand with a universal appeal as well as a brand that’s practical for everyday life. Therefore, this new campaign suits the house well, as it represents not only what the house stands for but also all of the individuals represented; Millie Bobby Brown, John Boyega, Crystal Zhang, Conie Vallese, Guillaume Nery, Lexie Alford, Maye Musk, Miyavi, Eiza Gonzalez, Walter Villadei, Carmen Jorda, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, David De Rothschild, Olga Karput, Danny Bowien, Bebe Vio, Sheck Wes, Liya Kebede, and Gus Kenworthy.



The campaign appears as though it has gone beyond the brief, addressing a myriad of needs with a singular concept. First and foremost the campaign resonates visually and has impact due to Baron’s powerful graphic typography coupled with the emoting, high contrast images of McDean. The simplicity of using the patch logo that is on every shoulder of the iconic puffer coats is visually arresting as well as smart. Just think how often that logo walks by you in the city during the winter to reinforce the brand message.

And in the age of digital this campaign has depth and legs. Depth in that it has a story to tell, one that expresses hope and how people strive to go beyond. Legs because there are plenty of characters and stories to tell that the house can run with it for a season. Plus, this campaign plays well in print, outdoor, video, and social.

The Impression loves the idea of BEYOND, going above the expected. It is after all what we all should strive to do daily. And who wouldn’t want to be associated with a label that strives to be great.

Agency | Baron & Baron
Creative Director | Fabien Baron
Photographer | Craig McDean

Talent | Millie Bobby Brown, John Boyega, Crystal Zhang, Conie Vallese, Guillaume Nery, Lexie Alford, Maye Musk, Miyavi, Eiza Gonzalez, Walter Villadei, Carmen Jorda, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, David De Rothschild, Olga Karput, Danny Bowien, Bebe Vio, Sheck Wes, Liya Kebede & Gus Kenworthy