Moncler launches Genius collaboration with Craig Gree

Moncler launches Genius collaboration with Craig Green

Moncler introduced the Moncler Genius project in February to redefine collaboration and give top-level creative’s a platform to share their ideas. This month, Moncler launched 5 Moncler Craig Green, a collaboration with designer Craig Green and the third of eight different collaborations from the project.

5 Moncler Craig Green, which launched on August 22, is a showcase of London-born designer Craig Green’s philosophy and vision. The collection features sportswear pieces like sweatshirts and hoodies, but the main draw is the sculptural down puffer jackets that showcase Green’s prowess.

Down clothing resemble flotation devices, cover the whole body and have hoods that cover the face. The Central Saint Martins graduate focused on protection and function for this collection, and took things beyond what one would expect of a collection from Moncler.

5 Moncler Craig Green is the perfect exampled of what the Moncler Genius project is. The Italy-based outerwear company provides geniuses like Green an opportunity to share their vision and expertise on a grand scale, and Moncler can present a collection that far exceeds what one expects when they think of down outerwear and warm weather clothing. The same can be said for the label’s latest collaboration with Valentino.

Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli, who also worked with Moncler on this Genius project, designed down outerwear that feature Valentino branding, such as the letters ‘V’ and ‘L’ in the brand logo font and a white tiger motif from the brand’s archive that dates back to the 1960s. This collection can be seen as the ready-to-wear version of Piccioli’s collection for Moncler Genius.

A brain is a terrible thing to waste, and kudos to Moncler for supporting creatives and their ideas.