Nordstrom Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by Zoe Ghertner

Nordstrom | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

The challenge of communication for bigger boxes is much closer to traditional fashion editorial than that of ad campaigns. After all department stores carry a wide assortment and their campaigns need to showcase a broad swath of labels. Pair that challenge with the difficulty in telling a story without the editorial crutch of a trend and one can easily start to sympathize for the creative teams challenges.

To pull together this seasons statement for Nordstrom, in-house VP of Creative Projects, Olivia Kim, has turned to the arts. Blending a diverse cast that includes beauty of all ages, Nordstrom’s Fall 2018 ad campaign  is a mixture of modern art references and pops of color combined with performance art props like balloons and pink plastic tape. Add in a shot of Buckminster Fuller jungle gym, and you have yourself a story. The result is a unified tale from photographer Zoe Ghertner that feels as though it embraces a curious mind while checking all the boxes for the stores partners including Comme des Garçons, Dries Van Noten, Junya Watanabe, J. Crew, Marine Serre, Martine Rose, Prada, Saint Laurent, and Valentino.

The season it’s lovely to see 90’s models Tasha Tilberg and Devon Aoki together in campaign with a cast that also includes Karly Loyce, Matilde Riccardi, Cathy Cooper,  Hanna Gebrehiwet, Abrielle Stedman, Izzy Adams, and Amelia Milne. Kudos to the casting team for best casting so far this season.

Nordstrom Creative Director | Olivia Kim
Photographer | Zoe Ghertner
Model | Karly Loyce, Matilde Riccardi, Devon Aoki, Cathy Cooper, Tasha Tilberg, Hanna Gebrehiwet, Abrielle Stedman, Izzy Adams, Amelia Milne
Stylist | Julia Sarr-Jamois


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