P448 Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos


Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of P448 Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Agency Moving Image & Content and Photographer Alistair Matthews

Under the creative direction of the agency Moving Image & Content and with shots taken by photographer Alistair Matthews, brand P448 has released their Spring 2021 line of sneakers.

P448 is based in Italy, and was founded in 2014 by Marco Simone and Andrea Curtis. The brand was acquired earlier this year by Manhattan based brand StreetTrent LLC.

The new line of sneakers notably includes a new pair of women’s vegan shoes which have now been created after the success of their men’s vegan shoes. This marks P448’s expansion of its environmental initiative into its women’s offering with three new vegan styles. The vegan styles are made entirely with bio-vegan materials, laces and insole are made with postconsumer recycled materials. The vegan and bio-sourced material offers an alternative to leather for both smoothness and ecological commitment with a 44% reduction in energy consumption.

The ad campaign that introduced these shoes used online media, particularly Instagram, as its main platform for marketing. As a result all of the campaign photos are in the Instagram’s iconic square formatting. Playing on the consequences of the pandemic each of the photos displays the shoes in a domestic scene. We are meant to envision wearing these sneakers on a daily basis during our new work-from-home lifestyles.

Constructed at miniature scale, each set finds its starting point in the real world––from the Mid-Century pool sides of Palm Springs to the early Surrealist paintings of Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico––while vibrant Pop-inspired colors imbue each setting with a playful and optimistic lifestyle that underscores the brand’s optimism and sense of humor.

Agency | Moving Image & Content    
Photographer | Alistair Matthews
Director of Photography | Evadne Gonzalez
Set Designer | Phillip Nuveen