Paco Rabanne Emily Ratajkowski Gets Cheeky in Pure XS Spot

Paco Rabanne | Emily Ratajkowski Gets Cheeky in Pure XS Spot

Playfulness comes in all shapes and sizes. For Paco Rabanne it appears in the size of their new fragrance: Pure XS For Her and their wink of a holiday ad campaign.

Socialite and model, Emily Ratajkowski stars as the face of the perfume campaign in a female follow-up to Director Johan Renck’s Pure XS commercial from a year ago; where a group of women take the female gaze to a whole new level.



For this holiday season, the team at Paco Rabanne once again partnered with Johan Renck to capture their cheeky spirit. This season enlisting Ratajkowski to drift through a mansion while a host of butlers, enamored by her presence, follow her every move. Pining over to her needs: a hand to carry her clutch bag, one to secure her diamond earrings, each are found distracted by sexual appeal and tripped up in chase for her beckon call.

Despite all the attention, she remains in control. Responding without concern or care among a male dominated environment. The Spanish fashion label exudes sex, defined by gender identity and sex appeal, as a weapon for femininity. With audacity and self-assurance, nothing but Pure XS will keep her confident in her own skin.



Paco Rabanne – Pure XS
Company: Soixan7eQuin5e Paris
Director | Johan Renck
Producer | Annabelle Fournier
RO Producer | Alex Molea
Talent | Emily Ratajkowski
Models | Christopher Mason, Filip Hrivnak, River Viiperi