Palomo Spain Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Palomo Spain

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Palomo Spain has released a Spring 2020 ad campaign with photographs by Pablo Zamora and styling by Alicia Padrón that capture a soft beauty and gentle vulnerability. Model Louis Wood’s facial expressions may appear stoic at first glance, but upon further examination reveals an amazing range of subtle nuanced feelings, from plaintiveness to disdain, pensiveness to melancholy, circumspection to the slightest hint of a smile. The inclusion of a young girl in some of the photos, which one presumes to be a sibling based on their familial proximity, projects the feeling that these two youngsters are playing dress-up and have been encouraged to explore their ideas about adulthood through this expression of their nascent sensuality.

In some images Wood appears boyish, and in other images Wood has a more traditionally feminine appearance through the application of lipstick, scarves, frills and lace. It is refreshing to see how the model seems to vacillate from one look to the other in a way that feels completely unforced and natural, and seems to encapsulate the concept of non-binary in a very true-to-life sort of way. Trying on tropes that have been assigned to each gender, and then picking and choosing the ones that feel best is a process that has been embraced by Millenials and Generation Z, and the ad campaign portrays a version of this in a sensitive and non-exploitative way. Such healthy, balanced, respectful imagery of sexual fluidity is important and essential, especially for the younger generations because it provides a form of positive visual affirmation to youth who do not fit snugly into prescribed binary gender norms. Bravo to the creatives at Palomo Spain who have utilized their immense talents, expertise, and exquisitely crafted clothing collection to bring this quietly captivating marketing story to the masses.

Palomo Spain Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Palomo Spain Creative Director | Alejandro Gómez Palomo
Photographer | Pablo Zamora
Stylist | Alicia Padrón
Hair & Makeup | Guillermo Matellano
Production | Mayca Márquez, Sample
Graphics | Jotadejoya
Model | Louis Wood