Soothing Pastel

Resort & Spring 2021 Trend

The season of spring runway shows is upon us, and with it comes the tide of pastel.

Across IRL and digital presentations, designers are digging into the soothing shades beloved by expectant parents, soft indie bloggers, and Easter eggs alike. But don’t expect them to squeeze you into your Easter Sunday church best: the baby blues, magic mints, peaches, periwinkles, and lavenders of today are taking shape across a wide spectrum of design principles, from the traditional to the wildly experimental. The future of fashion looks soothing.

Brandon Maxwell honors a beautiful shade of lilac with a beautifully tailored dress. GMBH puts it into a stellar combination with bright scarlet and makes us reassess the clashing/matching dichotomy. Jacquemus uses it to harmonize with the beauty of nature. Louis Vuitton trips out on it. Loewe tie-dyes it. Isabel Marant shows us why our boyfriends really need to start wearing it.

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