Patrizia Pepe Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Patrizia Pepe

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Patrizia Pepe’s Spring 2020 ad campaign feels like to time capsule to a bygone era, because it reminds us how much has changed in the past weeks. Oh for the days when we could casually take an escalator to work, while day-dreaming about a date that evening, or drinks with friends, or an impending weekend full of social gatherings. With Creative Direction by Giovanni Bianco and photographs by Dario Catellani, the campaign also features a series of short films partitioned by days of the week and narrated by voice-overs of the heroine’s miscellaneous musings.

The styling and model Marta Aguilar are the most appealing elements of the campaign. Aguilar has a pleasing accent and irreverent delivery that makes the so-so dialogue work quite effectively. As for styling, Aguilar’s naturalistic hair and barely-there make up are complementary and believable…though one might question what sort of job she has precisely, because the shimmery translucent Monday outfit and the bra-top-beneath-a-blazer for Tuesday seem a bit NSFW, depending on how one earns their wages. Regardless of these minor critiques, Aguilar’s sparkling insouciance shines through like a charm, and the campaign effectively creates a yearning for the days when it was business as usual. What else to say except may those days come again soon!

Agency | GB65
Creative Director | Giovanni Bianco
Photographer | Dario Catellani
Model | Marta Aguilar
Stylist | Patti Wilson
Hair | Marki Shkreli
Makeup | Emi Kaneko

Art Director/Fashion Editor