Paul Smith

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Paul Smith’s Spring 2020 ad campaign is lorded over by a presence whom, according to the brand’s website, was “Paul’s first shop manager”….an Afgan hound named Homer.

The new campaign’s aim is to highlight Paul Smith’s specialty: men’s tailoring. The photos have a pink duo-tone treatment to focus attention away from colour, in favor of cut and silhouette and new tailoring shapes, which “blend a 1970s flavor with modern construction”. Inspired by Smith’s personal memories of New York in the early-1970s and the hand-me-down jackets and overcoats that were worn by the city’s young artistic community at that time, the Spring 2020 collection is oversized and relaxed in style.

As a backdrop for the photography, Homer’s visage has been blown up and repeated in homage to Warhol’s screenprint paintings of soup cans and celebrities, which imparts a late 60’s/early 70’s vibe to the campaign… though the models’ moussed-up hairstyles are more evocative of the 80’s, as are the buttoned-up-collars and roomy jackets. This multi-period pastiche is characteristic of the current moment, in which designers can accurately reproduce elements from any era by utilizing a quick search of Google images. The campaign is able to combine these disparate elements into a comprehensively convincing whole, and so on the surface level at least, it achieves its goal of being inspired by the past to create a desirable future.

Paul Smith Creative Director | Paul Smith