Prada Cinéma Evolution Eyewear Film by Francesco Maria Tiribelli

Prada | Cinéma Evolution Eyewear Film

In a world filled with ever-improving technology and faster ways to connect with others, people must decide if, in this world of tomorrow, they are meant to be the bystander or the upstander. The observer or the observed.

In their latest eyewear film, Prada poses this question. With the announcement of their new eyewear, Cinéma Evolution, releasing a thought-provoking video, accompanied by several photographs, that delve into the complicated task of simply disconnecting from technology.

Directed by Francesco Maria Tiribelli, and staring models Giedre Dukauskaite and Caterina Maria Cigada, this film showcases the offering, while also selling the idea of being more than just an observer of the world, but in fact, going outside and being the observed. While doing so, Prada has successfully captured the eye-catching colors and interesting camera angles that make for an impactful film

Here is to this campaign becoming the observed, in both senses of the word.
To people both watching and abiding by this message.


Creative Director Prada | Miuccia Prada
Director | Francesco Maria Tiribelli

Executive Producer | Alessandro Farinella
Director of Photography | Amilcare Canali
Photographers | Paolo Barbi, Mattia Ghidelli
Models | Giedre Dukauskaite, Caterina Maria Cigada
Hair | Kilian Marin
Makeup | Seiko Nishigori