Prada Fall 2018 Neon Dream Campaign Film with Sarah Paulson

Prada | Fall 2018 Neon Dream Campaign Film

Inspired by the classic flashing lights of Sin City, Prada has put a whimsical spin on classic Las Vegas style in the house’s Fall 2018 ad campaign film.

Creative Director Miuccia Prada chose to feature model Amanda Murphy, Hollywood actress Sarah Paulson, and drag queen Violet Chachki in the city of lights, shrouded in the darkness of the night sky. With the constant ethereal shots of Las Vegas at night, Agency DJA and Director Willy Vanderperre were wise to title the dream-like sequence “Neon Dream.”

In a style similar to David Lynch, the film follows a mysterious heroine, played by Murphy, who is new to town and is followed by a ‘guardian angel’-type character, portrayed by Paulson. Coming from the hills overlooking the city, Murphy’s character drives onto the Strip in a convertible, complete with a license plate sporting the word ‘Prada’. Fashioned with sunglasses at night, Murphy and Paulson’s first interaction is at a hotel, where Paulson is dressed as a bellhop. Both women are seen in staple pieces from the new collection, which are complemented by the showers of color from the glowing landscape of the famous Sunset Strip.

It is clear from here that Murphy is the center of attention, but Paulson is constantly on the outskirts, looking in with a protective, and almost affectionate, stare. Paulson’s eerie, yet comforting character is not unusual for the actress, as she is known for her roles in American Horror Story and Carol.

The cliff-hanger ending is both satisfying and aggravating. With the two woman at a diner, Paulson shows off a soft smile, the only emotion the viewer has seen from her, before the camera cuts away. As if a dream, the film comes off as both personal and secretive; the house successfully created a thought-provoking narrative while excluding any dialogue between characters.

But no portrayal of Las Vegas is complete without the cameos of Marilyn Monroe look-alikes and burlesque dancers, both played by Chachki, who is also shown in Prada’s new clothing.

Because of both the beautiful and the bizarre, it seems to be true what they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Prada Creative Director | Miuccia Prada
Agency | DJA
Director | Willy Vanderperre
Director of Photography | Nicolas Karakatsanis
Talent | Sarah Paulson, Amanda Murphy, and Violet Chachki
Stylist | Olivier Rizzo
Hair | Eugene Souleiman
Makeup | Lucia Pieroni
Set Design | Stefan Beckman