Prada Regenerated Nylon


Launches regenerated nylon Project with Re-Nylon #1 - Arizona

In today’s world, waste is abundant. Too many people realize it, and too little do anything to change it. Not anymore.

Prada has taken it upon themselves to reflect the shifting world and introduce a new line of sustainable, yet still just as iconic, bags. With this project, known as Re-Nylon, the house is utilizing unique, regenerated nylon, ECONYL. Prada has an ultimate goal of “converting all Prada virgin nylon into regenerated nylon ECONYL by the end of 2021.”

Not only is the project itself incredibly ground-breaking and innovative, but the way in which they are realising the collection is just as interesting. Prada is partnering with National Geographic to shoot a short series of films, titled What We Carry, that aim to express the true intentions of Re-Nylon, while also taking consumers on the journey of the production of these new bags. Revealing aspects on every continent, the films will reveal “the inner workings of this unique enterprise.”

If the first installment of the series is any preview into what is to come, then we are surely in for a truly artistic and thought-provoking expedition through the inner-workings of the newly-sustainable house, with the first stop being right next door, in Phoenix, Arizona.

But Prada’s commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there. In fact, they have announced that a portion of the proceeds of this very project will go towards another partnership of their’s, with UNESCO, that focuses on reportedly “developing educational activities that involve students from several countries to implement dedicated lesson plans using plastic and circular economy topics to inspire learners.”

Good deeds are clearly not in short at the century-old fashion house, as their new dedication can only improve the quality of our planet. It seems we need Prada’s help to ensure that our planet can sustain and support us and our fabulous fashion wants and needs for many more centuries to come. So hats off to them, and remember, reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Prada Regenerated Nylon