Open's Two Monte-Carlo Stores

Prada dedicates 2 brand new Monte-Carlo stores to each their Men’s and Women’s collections. Their Women’s store will be located at the “Hôtel de Paris” and Men’s located at the “One” complex.

Prada’s Women’s “Hôtel de Paris” store consists of their Women’s clothing, footwear and accessories collections – in addition to an exclusive collection of evening dresses. Its main entrance window opens up into a 2-story high urbane space inhabiting about 470 square meters, guiding you towards a sequence of rooms overlooking the hidden gallery. A classic yet modernized cognizance outlines the store, its ground level built on a marble surface featuring a black-and-white checkered design – an ode to Prada’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan historic shop. The room presents pastel-green walls designed and sculpted with Prada’s iconic prints in mind, paired with a succession of soft and refined designer furniture – showcasing a large space full of tasteful and elegant arrangements.

Prada’s Men’s store – covering approximately 175 square meters and two levels – is featured inside the “One” complex in Monte-Carlo. The store will contain Prada’s Men’s Collections – also including their clothing, footwear and accessories lines. The store’s double volume reveals itself through its entirely glazed façade that looks up to a ceiling made of rafters, and the space outlined by green Aver marble tops comprising the fundamental display components. And like Prada’s Women’s store location, this Men’s store’s interiors are also defined by a black-and-white checkered marble floor and wide-open space, outlined with pastel-green walls displaying modernist designs.

Both these Prada locations uniquely define themselves through rare and unprecedented pieces of furniture – endorsed by history’s elite designers, while coupled with design models which were exclusively made for Prada.



Photos | Mario Ciampi – Courtesy Prada