Pyer Moss Designer Kerby Jean-Raymond's Seven Mothers Film by Director X

Pyer Moss

Designer Kerby Jean-Raymond's Seven Mothers Film by Director X

Since taking full ownership of Pyer Moss, Kerby Jean-Raymond made it his mission to use his brand as a platform to share his message. The designer focuses mainly on the African American experience as a whole through his main line and his ongoing collaboration with Reebok, but he never shies away from sharing his own story.

Stories of my Father, Pyer Moss’ first campaign since Jean-Raymond took full control of the label was a reintroduction to the label, but Seven Mothers, the latest campaign film from the brand, serves as a proper introduction to the brand and a look into the open book that is Jean-Raymond.

Directed by Canadian film and music video director and producer Director X, Seven Mothers follows a young boy coping with the loss of his mother and the seven women that care for him in the wake of their loss.

The film opens at the funeral and follows with the wake where each mother figure character is introduced. As the wake attendees make peace with the parting of their loved one, the young boy makes an outburst that shows he’s incapable of moving on. Each woman introduced at the wake takes the boy under their wing and brings him into their world. One woman helps him with homework, another picks out clothes for him, one teaches him how to care for plants, another teaches fitness, and one even gives him money earned from her business. As each mother figure cares for the boy, one gives the boy closure by explaining the passage of life and how passing away does not necessarily signify a loss.

The young boy in the film, who plays a young Jean-Raymond, gains seven guardian angels on earth and one in heaven that meets him in his dreams to end the film.

Seven Mothers is a look at Jean-Raymond’s youth, upbringing and inspiration. The designer is very outspoken about how the loss of his mom at a young age impacted him and set him on this life course. The name ‘Pyer Moss’ is also a tribute to her, which makes the film that much more powerful.

It seems clear that Jean-Raymond wanted to get many things off of his chest first with his ‘American, Also’ collection and campaigns, but Seven Mothers is the most important story to tell in the brand narrative for it gives a deep dive into the designer’s background and gives more meaning to the brand name.

Pyer Moss Creative Director | Kerby Jean-Raymond
Art Director | Anthony Konigbagbe
Director/Writer | Director X
Cinematographer | Allison Anderson
Talent | Ebonee Davis, Riley Montana, Xavier Mack Perry
Stylist | Eric McNeal
Hair | Anike Rabiu
Makeup | Jaleesa Jaikaran
Producers | Missing Peces