Rag and Bone DIY Campaign with Paris Jackson

Rag and Bone | DIY Campaign with Paris Jackson

Actress, activist, and model Paris Jackson, has joined forces with rag and bone for their latest DIY Campaign.

rag and bone originally created the concept of the DIY campaign to capture authenticity and individuality in 2011 and have been updating it with various guests annually including, Ashley Graham, Hailey Baldwin, and Emily Ratajkowski.

Jackson, Ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF), has leveraged the recent teaming with the house to shine a spotlight on her godmother’s legacy of ridding the stigma and finding a cure for the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Of note is Jackson’s desire to showcase all things British despite her American upbringing. Buckingham Palace, the Union Jack, the iconic red telephone booth, all play a role in her narrative that must somehow tie into her Union Jack tattoo. Perhaps she will inspire a spot of homesickness in British born rag and bone designer Marcus Wainwright, as August holiday is not too far off.



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