Rag & Bone 'Forever New Yorkers' Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

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'Forever New Yorkers' Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign

Review of rag & bone ‘Forever New Yorkers’ Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign by Photographer/Director Andreas Laszlo Konrath

A new holiday campaign from rag & bone is a love letter to the brand’s home of New York City, and all the possibility it suggests. With film direction and photography by Andreas Laszlo Konrath, the campaign features an eclectic group of authentic New Yorkers – natives, transplants, and immigrants.

Konrath’s short film consists of moving color portraits of his subjects as we hear their voices reflect on what the city means to them. Tying in some comfy seasonal flavor, they consider the perfect New York snow day. There is an exciting range of voices on display, and the word “Forever” in the campaign’s title takes on more meaning as we hear from each generation.

The photography portion of the campaign features intimate and honest black-and-white portraits of these New Yorkers. Their eyes attest to countless stories, and unquenchable hopes for stories yet to come.

As the political right continues to push division and anti-immigrant sentiment, this kind of campaign feels deeply important from a social perspective.

We need art that celebrates our differences and our coexistence, that accepts all who want to join its community, and that gives us hope for future progress. With its unpretentious celebration of real people – beautifully different from each other, and yet the same – this campaign does just that.

rag & bone Creative Director | Marcus Wainwright
Photographer/Director | Andreas Laszlo Konrath
Director of Photography | Sacred Pact
Talent | Stretch Armstrong, Monica Reyes, Samile Bermannelli, Raissa, Rubyrose Hill, Coco Hill, Debr, Shereen Muhmmad & Fitzroy Gordon Jr.
Stylist | Katie Burnett
Makeup | Kristi Matamoros
Editing | Addison Post
Sound | H Wagner Sound