Ralph Lauren | Postcards from Paradise

RALPH LAUREN Spring Collection 2016 Campaign Video 


Ralph Lauren’s Spring Collection campaign beautifully inspires a life of elegance and luxury, making those who watch their ad yearn for a vacation.

Bruce Webers’ cinematic black and white film titled “Postcards from Paradise,” opens to a chateau in the French Riviera, where a family interacts by the pool as their children play in the water. The pace of the film is slow and intimate, moving with the romantic tempo of Mantovani’s “Strangers in Paradise,” switching between shots of father and son splashing in the pool to closeup beauty frames of the young women in bathing suits. Weber, known for his pictorial story telling, narrates the mood of sublimity through the beautiful and privileged family who pour champagne, suntan on their yacht and dine in evening wear.

No one sells the American dream better than Ralph Lauren. The vacationing family portray an aspirational, affluent, independent life most American seek and most lottery players dream of. The title is fitting, as like a postcard, we are ready to buy into the brand experience, even if we are simply  tourists.


Director/Photographer | Bruce Weber
Models | Kai Newman, Luke Flynn, Regitze Christensen, & Sanne Vloet
Stylist | Michel Botbol 
Hair | Orlando Pita
Makeup | Gucci Westman



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