Rankin's Latest Photography Book - Unfashionable

Rankin’s Latest Book – Unfashionable

Rankin is part of an elite class of artists that can say that they have influenced and inspired a generation. The influential photographer that has worked with the likes of Kate Moss and Heidi Klum, is responsible for Dazed & Confused, AnOther and Hunger, and campaigns for Nike and Aston Martin is celebrating his storied thirty-year career with a retrospective book entitled Unfashionable.

Unfashionable explores the British photographer’s most iconic portraiture and documentary work in reverse chronological order. Rankin’s most recent works found in the book were first seen in The Impression issue 4 and issues of Hunger from 2017 and 2016, while some of the earliest works include spreads from the first issue of AnOther and early editions of Dazed & Confused.

“I’ve always been a workaholic,” said Rankin. “I am addicted to photography and always taking photos, so when we created Unfashionable it wasn’t just a look at my career it took on the story of my life over the last thirty years. From shoots I did whilst still at college to meeting and working with Jefferson Hack, Katie Grand and Kate Moss, amongst others, through photographing my wife and starting my latest magazine Hunger – it made me realise my work and my personal life are so intertwined.”


Heidi Klum, Interzone, AnOther Magazine, Issue 5, 2003
Heidi Klum, Interzone, AnOther Magazine, Issue 5, 2003

The title of the book is ironic but fitting. Rankin’s approach to fashion photography puts fashion second to the story being told. His works bends and shapes reality for a deeper narrative, challenges what we see and believe to be beauty, and ultimately shaped modern fashion.

Rankin added, “This book not only tells a story of the fashion industry since I started working (the supermodels, stylists, top designers and the best hair and make-up artists in the business) but also how I have grown as both a photographer and as a person over this time.”

Unfashionable is published by Rizzoli and available on Amazon and at bookstores today.