Reserved Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Reserved “Age of Aquarius” Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographers Magda Wunsche and Aga Samsel with model Malgosia Bela

Reserved unveils an excellent new campaign whose apparent visual simplicity belies a world of conceptual complexity. Titled “Age of Aquarius,” the Spring 2021 campaign features photography from Magda Wunsche and Aga Samsel.

The campaign’s visual subtlety and use of one model could tempt some to write it off as mere lookbook or catalogue imagery. But this would be overlooking all the thought that went into crafting the visuals of the campaign, as well as the strong performance from model Malgosia Bela.

The imagery’s success begins in excellent styling. The collection combines a sort of masculine, workwear motif – expressed in pieces like boots, jackets, and coveralls drawn from the world of fishermen – with more traditional and somewhat pastoral feminine elements. The consistent color scheme of white and soft blue creates a heavenly visual harmony.

Wunsche and Samsel capture Bela in a studio before an abstract piece of industrial sculpture, which can morph into various settings: sea, iceberg, cloud. Bela brings confidence, romance, thoughtfulness, and whimsy as she takes various expressive poses in this space. She develops an interesting sense of androgyny or gender fluidity as she takes on different characters with more masculine or feminine physicalities.

Like its mystical title, the campaign feels open to interpretation exciting ways. We can see at once many different narratives and ideas branching off in different directions, but they all originate from and return to the simple and exquisite visual world developed here.

Photographers | Magda Wunsche and Aga Samsel
Model | Malgosia Bela
Stylist | Aga Wilk