Rochambeau x Yves Scherer

Launches Capsule Collection Live on SSENSE

Rochambeau’s latest collaboration takes obsession to the print. The collaboration blurs the lines between infatuation and obsession, fanboys, fetishes, and the media’s role in capturing it all. Rochambeau’s designer, Laurence Chandler, has teamed up with artist Yves Scherer for their very own capsule collection, available live at As of late, the Canadian retailer has been on a rol, offering exclusive collections from Off-White, Études, and Palomo Spain

Yves Scherer by Ben Pier

The work of Yves Scherer is very distinct in its exploration of audience and celebrity, social networking, and gender. He uses a variety of mediums to tell a narrative of a generation looking for truth in celebrity. 

What better place for photographer Ben Pier to shoot the campaign than in Scherer’s artist studio in New York City? As a place of figures and figurines, the studio looked like an adult playground; with mannequins sprawled on the ground while butterflies are captured frozen. Headshots of Angelina Jolie, Lindsey Lohan, Emma Watson, and even Thumper from Bambi stare into the camera lens. The viewer has to decipher between what is real is and what is fantastic—questions that Yves Scherer’s art suggest. 

Rochambeau has a history of drawing inspiration from art. Their collaboration with Yves Scherer is a manifestation of the power of narrative building and storytelling. Of course, the art and its critique changes once it goes from wall to chest. Nonetheless, Laurence Chandler has brought the themes from Scherer’s work to life. Through the incorporation of prints, paintings and silhouettes of celebrities like Emma Watson, Lindsay Lohan, and Brad Pitt, Rochambeau has activated ready-to-wear, and has The Impression team feeling crazy in love. 

Creative Director | Laurence Chandler
Art | Yves Scherer
Photographer | Ben Pier
Model | ARI @rnurda
Stylist | Dan P. Lee