Roy Rogers | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by Rankin

Remember the first album you bought? The first gig you went to? Roy Rogers’ fall 2018 campaign riffs on those formative years, putting denim center stage and blasting you with the effortlessly cool.

“Everyone remembers going into the record shop or the stadium to listen to their favourite artist,” said Rankin, photographer of the project and founder of The Full Service. “Like an old pair of jeans, those memories stay with you. They define you.

“I wanted to breathe life into the denim and create visual scenes that people relate to. It’s one thing looking cool and playing a Fender Strat, but if you’re wearing Roy Rogers doing it, you’re on top of the f*cking world.”

To shoot the band of rockers dressed in denim to die for, Rankin’s photography takes on the old-school, vintage tones of the 90s. The result is a stills campaign with a rebellious edge and a fitting round two for The-Full-Service-meets-Roy-Roger’s collaboration.

“We started this idea of ‘first experiences’ in our last campaign with The Full Service. There’s a unique excitement surrounding those moments,” said Roy Rogers. “Music plays such an important part in people’s lives. It’s universal, transcending language – like fashion. So we wanted that connection running through the denim.”

Agency | Full Service
Photographer/Director | Rankin
Global Executive Producer | Nicola Kenney
Producer | Jordan Rossi
Art Department | Marco Turcich
Talent | Kelsey @ Established, Sid @ Models One, Betty @ IMG
Stylist | Kim Howells
Hair | Nick Irwin
Makeup | Marco Antonio
Manicurist | Ami Streets