Saint Laurent Fall 2018 film with Zoe Kravitz & Lennon Gallagher

Saint Laurent | Fall 2018 film with Zoe Kravitz & Lennon Gallagher

Continuing a series of dizzying and psychological effects in a film series titled #YSL16 Saint Laurent’s Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello further explores themes of dreams and reality in a Fall campaign starring Zoë Kravitz and Lennon Gallagher. The campaign, which broke several weeks ago precedes the houses new outing with Kate Moss. The recent film, directed by Nathalie Canguilhem captures moments of desire and yearning in the absence of a significant other.

The rhythmic beat of Sebastian’s music synchronized with each heartbeat and leads us to experience the uncertainty of what is real and what is imagination. Kravitz and Gallagher — protégés from rock ’n’ roll families —-Kravtiz — a musician of Lolawolf and daughter of Lenny Kravtiz  — and Lennon a model and son to Liam Gallagher —both dressed in furry oversized coats and skinny tuxedo jackets. Fashioning key looks in isolated rooms filled with their wandering stares that intensify as the music quickens, the experience of the campaign builds as we encounter the heart and soul of YSL. 

The spirit of YSL rests between these styles. At the brand’s inception Saint Laurent popularized women’s smoking jackets, the rock’n roll style by means of cigarette pants, skinny jeans and unbuttoned dress shirts materialized later, Vaccarello resurrects the glamour behind the legacy of Saint Laurent. The furry coats, a signature of the artistic director is a trending style throughout. The closing scene of the film shares an image of both artists reunited. Keeping us guessing, perhaps this the fate of Saint Laurent.

Saint Laurent Creative Director | Anthony Vaccarello
Talent | Zoë Kravitz & Lennon Gallagher
Director | Nathalie Canguilhem 
Sound Mix | Sebastian