Self Made Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Bonasia & Narcisi

Self Made

Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Bonasia & Narcisi

Filipino-Italian designer Gianfranco Villegas, the founder of Self Made, enlists young Italian filmmaking and photographers duo Bonasia & Narcisi to lens his most recent campaign.

Villegas grew up in Florence in 90s, and graduated from the Polimoda Fashion School, in 2013. The name of the brand originates from the designer’s journey from humble beginnings in the fashion world of Italy and is a combination of streetwear and Itlaian luxury.

Bonasia & Narcisi are childhood friends who began their career are photographers, then made the natural transition to directing short films. Here they capture the collection in a simple taupe seamless setting relying on heavy shadows to build drama. The first campaign for the house is fitting of the brand name as it feels ‘self-made.’ Showcasing the designer’s ability to overcome the lack of an industrial support structure to rise beyond the barriers to entry on the international stage.

The Impression loves an underdog and since Villegas likes to call that out and has jumped into the advertising fray with both feet, wished the self-made man much success.

Self Made Creative Director | Gianfranco Villegas
Photographer | Bonasia & Narcisi
Stylist | Ramona Tabita