Self Portrait Spring 2022 Fashion Show


Resort 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Self-portrait Resort 2022 Ad Campaign by Photographer Harley Weir with model Irina Shayk

Self-Portrait explores the language of self in a new Resort 2022 campaign by photographer Harley Weir.

Weir captures Irina Shayk in gorgeous candid portraits on both land and sea. Relying exclusively on natural light, the photographs capture the shifting ephemerality of day and the natural world, as well as putting an introspective focus on a feeling of quiet comfort and confidence in self.

Crisp and minimal text-based art direction further explores the brand’s name and identity. Each image features a different compound word with the prefix “self,” like “self-knowing” or “self-content,” further developing the campaign’s subtle optimism and affirmation of individuality.

With their introspection and subtly glowing confidence, campaigns from Self-Portrait always prove the brand to be true to its name.

This one is another strong example that takes the consideration of self even further by exploring the elements of the brand’s own name, and embodying its ideals in quietly beautiful visuals.

Self-Portrait Creative Director | Han Chong
Photographer | Harley Weir
Model | Irina Shayk

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