Taps Digital Artist for "The New Order' Ad Campaign

Welcome to the future. Pools are created through screens, make-up is painted on with a click, and set design is directly transferred from mind to photo. And while department stores have recently struggled with the age of online shopping, Selfridges is embracing technology to take their brand advertising to the next level with ‘The New Order.’ ‘The New Order’ is a recently hired team of five digital artist, Cattytay, Jon Emmony, Ines Alpha, Filip Custic, and Jamie-Maree Shipton, who created Selfridges spring 2020 ad campaign to not only revitalize the brand, but possibly the entire fashion industry.

Walk into their store on 400 Oxford Street and enter a new phase for the 110-year-old company. Mannequins and displays have been replaced by art instillations and towering wall screens that visually transport shoppers into the world of Selfridges’ clothing. Contrasting to the typical beach shots for swimsuit ads, this campaign features their Spring 2020 looks existing in a world of glass pools and futuristic scenery. Not only is this digital piece transformative for the brand and Selfridge store, but it introduces a new face of advertisement for the entire fashion industry as well.

One-fifth of the ‘New Order,’ Cattytay, is a major part of this industry revolution. Self-made and self-taught, Cattytay is a digital artist who has taken her studies of textile design to bring a digital canvas into the fashion world. A visionary in her field, she designed an online workspace and connection called “DigiGal:” an online platform to connect with other female digital designers and increase the number of females in the male-dominated industry of 3-D design.

Along with Cattytay, Jamie-Maree Shipton, Filip Custic, Jon Emmony, and Ines Alpha, the man who transformed the ‘selfie’ with his beautifying SnapChat filters, are responsible for Slefridges’s star swimsuit campaign.

Selfridges and the minds of the ‘New Order’ prove that pairing technology and fashion creates a match made in heaven. Designs can be tested and formulated on screen without wasting fabric or product. Advertising is no longer limited to the props in a studio, but free to create whatever your mind (and computer) can imagine. And department stores can still grow and advance in the new age of shopping. Together, ‘the New Order’ and Selfridges are giving design, advertisement, and the shopping experience a look into the future.

Digital Artists | Cattytay, Jon Emmony, Ines Alpha, Digi Gals, Filip Custic, & Jamie-Maree Shipton

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