Sies Marjan Fall 2019 Hypercolor Series by Gareth McConnell

Sies Marjan

Fall 2019 Hypercolor Series by Gareth McConnell

Abstract expressionism’s obsession with color elevated New York City’s reputation as a center of art in the postwar era in the hands of legendary artists such as Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock. Continuing this legacy, New York based label Sies Marjan’s Fall 2019 collection embraces this way of seeing in new photographs by Gareth McConnell.

Aptly titled the Hypercolor Series, garments from creative director Sander Lak’s latest creation are photographed shimmering in a room which glows with light reminiscent of that passed through stained glass. Wrinkled button downs paired with cropped, relaxed trousers cut from matching iridescent fabric are shot in blurry long exposure, easing the loose form of the garments into the surrounding light and thus bringing their color to the forefront. A pleated dress with wrinkled sleeves utilizes similar hues and wrinkles to the same effect, while turtlenecks and bell bottoms of equally bold coloring complete the nod to the psychedelia of the 1970’s. A form fitting dress achieves a similar blurred edge through irregular horizontal bunching in the fabric, a choice which gives its opal fabric a glitched, mesmerizing appearance.

Sies Marjan’s preference for relaxed, colorful garments over more structured pieces is already apparent, despite the brand’s relative youth. This new collection follows in this pattern, challenging the necessity of distinguishing its wearer from the background and instead inviting us to see them as a particularly beautiful part of the color field our eye takes in.

Sies Marjan Creative Director | Sander Lak
Photographer | Gareth McConnell
Stylist | Megan Bowman Grey
Location | Paris