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Sies Marjan continues to capture his closest friends for The Girlfriends Project with Christopher Simmonds


For the ongoing series of “The Girlfriends Project”, creative director of Sies Marjan, Sander Lak, continues to photograph the closest people to him. In the second installment, the friends are wearing clothes from the Sies Marjan Spring 2017 debut collection, photographed by Nigel Shafran. Lak shows the personal side of how his clothes become a significant part of his friend’s lives as depicted in the first part.

From the first project models Patty and Nur are captured with their two new friends, Boya and Ken. The cinematic quality of the photos bring a feeling of uniqueness and give us an intimate connection with the brand. Lak’s decision to make this project into a series, alternating friends each time, gives both collections a different perspective. It makes us feel the desire and carefulness that he takes with the designs and curations of his collections.

For our ongoing series “The Girlfriend Project”, we paired with one of my personal favorite photographers Nigel Shafran. It was such an incredible thing to have Nigel shoot my friends in our first delivery of the Spring collection. I have been a huge fan of his work forever. Since I felt his sensibility would go very well with this project, I have him the freedom to do what he wanted, and I am so proud of the result.

- Create Director, Sander Lak

The authenticity of this continuing campaign provides a personal connection with the designer, making us part of the relationship between the artist, the clothes, and the wearers. After all, there is nothing more real than putting your own friends in your own clothes.
sies-marjan-girlfriend-project-2016-the-impression-01 sies-marjan-girlfriend-project-2016-the-impression-02 sies-marjan-girlfriend-project-2016-the-impression-03 sies-marjan-girlfriend-project-2016-the-impression-04 sies-marjan-girlfriend-project-2016-the-impression-05

Agency | Simmonds Ltd.
Creative Director | Christopher Simmonds
Photographer | Nigel Shafran
Models | Nur Elektra El Shami, Patty Lu, Ken Paquier, Boya Latumahina