Stella McCartney 2018 Pre-Fall Campaign and Film

Stella McCartney | 2018 Pre-Fall Campaign

Stella McCartney’s latest campaign titled ‘ Autumn 2018: The Collection ‘ is an abstract feminist expression. The full motion video was made to experience the recent collection.

Through a series of Instagram video filters, boomerang and rewind features attributed to various outfitted scenes focuses on the construction of each garment. The effect highlights functional details of the clothing.

A gold lurex dress made of “lame fabric, is puffed and later pressed to lend a papery, delicate feel and inspire extra fluidity.” Another characteristic piece is velvet back cutout tie dress with soft pleats that twirls with a refreshed perspective on elegance.

These are the signature dresses of the collection. But for the minimalist designer, the offering doesn’t just end with feminine gowns. The campaign itches to share knitwear pieces including a fringe hemmed off the shoulder design purposed to emphasize the feminine physique.

To the beat of tings and deep drum beats – at the lyrics of “Never Known a Girl Like You Before, “ one is invited to feel the fabric, dance in the fabric and move in the fabric as a feminine voice artfully remixes Edwyn Collins’ song.

The female focused campaign serves to proclaim ladylike fashion. In a statement, the brand explains, “for a new take on feminine silhouettes; our new season collection finds a fresh focus as we reinterpret utility with a modern spin, achieving simplicity through complex construction.”

Just like the art pieces covered in bubble wrap, used as props in the video, McCarthey’s fashion designs are works of art that should be treasured, and discovered as a humanitarian perspective on fashion. Intentionally handled with care, they inspire change.