The Kooples Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

The Kooples

Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

The Kooples presents a unique new campaign which explores the possibilities behind its idiosyncratic name.

Founded by three brothers, the Parisian brand takes its name from the playful French slang for “couples.” Rooted in this history as a family affair, the Fall 2020 campaign reveals that couples can have a wider meaning – encompassing lovers, siblings, and parents across a beautifully diverse range of skin tones, ages, and gender expressions – while also exploring how these couples fit into a wider communal or familial context.

The first short film by Théodore Hugonnier gives an energetic overview of all the couples, then each of the following six films focuses on one. In a sparse, brightly-lit room, they reflect on their relationships and become unified through physical interaction – from a sisterly side hug to a full-on makeout sesh, which is almost too thrillingly intimate to watch. It is a very sensitive and honest way to celebrate the love that can exist between two people.

Photographs by Hugo Comte function as portraits both of the couples and the entire family. He captures them on the roof of the building, where the patent leather and tweed overcoats of the collection bring an 80’s sensibility to the images. But the inclusive casting and the subtle sense of gender fluidity that runs through the designs and styling choices make the campaign feel very progressive: perhaps we are looking at the family of the future, a dynamic tribe connected by something stronger than blood: love.

The Kooples have also treated us to some behind-the-scenes photographs by Leewei Swee. It’s exciting to see the genuine playfulness and compassion that exists between and among these couples, as well as the artistic experimentation that went into creating the final project.

The simple intimacy of the campaign belies the brilliance with which it was conceived. The Kooples becomes so much more than a brand name; it takes on the status of an entry point to a world of relationships and ideas, inviting countless possibilities, reconsiderations, and recouplings.

The Kooples Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos
The Kooples Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Behind The Scenes

The Kooples Creative Director | Tom Van Dorpe
Photographer| Hugo Comte
Behind the scenes Photography | Leewei Swee
Videographer | Théodore Hugonnier
Talent | parents Anamaria & Axel, sisters Anania & Gaïa, newly married Daanisj & Ayesha, soulmates Mari-Lou & Youssou, lovers Marjan & Sakua, brothers Zacharie & Matthieu