The Palais Galliera Celebrates Alber Elbaz With A New Exhibition

The Palais Galliera Celebrates Alber Elbaz With A New Exhibition

The Palais Galliera will recreate Alber Elbaz‘s ‘Love Brings Love’ tribute show in a new exhibition. AZ Factory, the fashion start-up had recently organized a show in Mr. Elbaz’s honor with 46 participating houses and designers brought together to create looks inspired by the man and his prolific legacy: flowing dresses with long trains, short dresses with ruffles or big bows, dresses printed with drawings and portraits of Mr. Elbaz.

Each designer whether established or emerging, whether creative director of one of the heritage maisons or head of their own brand, came up with a perspective on fashion design, its questionings and its take on contemporary issues such as the environment, diversity, and gender.

This one-of-a-kind exhibition will recreate the show by immersing its visitors in the full runway expe- rience, reproducing the order on the runway, the effects, music and lights which made the evening such an unforgettable moment of fashion history.

The Love Brings Love title, taken from one of Alber Elbaz’s mantras, presents a contrast to the isolation felt during the pandemic, thanks to the communal spirit of the designers who worked together to celebrate the memory of one of their most brilliant colleagues.

The exhibition has been made possible thanks to generous loans from AZ Factory and the support of Richemont.

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