The Savoir-Faire of the Dior Men's Spring 2020 Collection Films

Dior Men’s

The Savoir-Faire of the Dior Men's Spring 2020 Collection

There is quality and then there is quality. the house of Dior is well aware of the subtle nuance and difference in the two, putting forth a series of short films to help their audience know those differences too.

To augment his most recent Spring 2020 menswear collection show, Creative Director Kim Jones showcases the ‘hi-tech bonding techniques’ and the ‘micro-pleat embellishments’ that went into the production of some of the collection’s key pieces. With the action shots of the creation of the pieces, the house is truly educating the consumer on the uniqueness that they are bringing into the world of fashion, with a clear emphasis on the sustainability and fast-paced attitude of the modern fashion landscape.

Clearly, Dior is invested in the understanding of each and every one of their products, so kudos to them for spending the time to inform the world on the quick-paced and worthwhile production of luxury goods. Fashion doesn’t need to always be fast, and quality ( we mean quality) matters.