Toiletpaper art collective creates a series of posters Nike Air Max

Nike x Toiletpaper

Maurizio Cattelan's art collective creates a series of Nike Air Max 270 React posters

Sneaker-heads and art buffs should be very excited about Nike’s latest collaboration. The athletic powerhouse has enlisted the help of Toiletpaper, and artist’s magazine and collective, to release the new Air Max 270 React. 

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari founded Toiletpaper in 2010—Maurizio as a leading figure in international contemporary art, and Pierpaolo as a photographer and artistic director. They’ve since created a magazine that is quirky and imaginative, provocative and unsettling, and incredibly humorous. 

Both Nike and Toiletpaper have roles in popular culture. Their audiences are not far from one another. A collaboration of this sort makes perfect sense, and Toiletpaper gives Nike the artistic edge we didn’t know they needed. 

That edge is in Milan, right where the campaign for the new Air Max 270 React is set. The merge of the Air Unit of the Nike 270 and the Nike React has created a geometric shoe that has the potential to exist in the world of art and design. A playhouse, that is Milan. 

The new Air Max 270 React poses in front of a cathedral strapped to a banana. A pigeon rests within the show a seed dangling from its beak. Keychains, tokens from a visit to Milan, swing from the shoe’s bottom. I love Milano. Toiletpaper has framed the new Air Max 270 React in a visually captivating campaign that breathes charm and quirk into Nike. Who said athletes can’t have fun?

Agency | Toiletpaper
Creative Directors | Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari