Tom Ford Launches Tom Ford Research Beauty Campaign by Steven Klein

Tom Ford

Launches Tom Ford Research Beauty Campaign by Steven Klein

The power to influence or command thought is not one many in fashion have. But Tom Ford’s voice of authority coupled with his keen understanding of the desires of the marketplace has given the creator room to spread his sovereignty from film to photographer to his latest playground, scientific skincare. And Ford plans to do much more than play with his latest beauty offering, Tom Ford Research.

I never believed in the power of crémes and serums, until now. I created Tom Ford Research to merge high performance, scientific skincare with a truly luxurious delivery system. Working closely with a team of scientists, using new research, I have developed high potency formulations that work. This advanced skin science for the 21st century that helps you put your best face forward.

– Tom Ford

To help the house stay forward-facing Ford enlisted Photographer/Director Steven Klein and Kate Aubrey’s agency, K. Studio, to help tell the story with a launch film and stills. The narrative is really quite intelligent leveraging Ford himself to speak to his own skepticism which endears him to the audience who is also skeptical. Yet on the other side of that doubt is the hope that Ford has infused his skincare with a formula that will make them ‘camera ready,’ which is where Klein steps in.

The film opens with Ford holding a lens up to his keen eye to imply his close study of the subject at hand. The camera then exposes Birgit Kos, hair pulled back to showcase her perfectly chiseled features in a curved white room fitted with an inset circular camera trellis. Sound effects accompanying the swinging movement of the camera as it proceeds to spin around the cast of picture-perfect models; Alexandre Cunha, Blesnya Minher, Chunjie Liu, and Malik Lindo.

While Ford narrates about his journey to develop a powerful skincare product that works, and the camera is capturing the models, there is another element being captured in the film, a robotic camera arm. Thus the camera is filming another camera. Klein and Ford take full advantage of the functional prop in the final scene as the robotic camera arm turns to face the viewer and moves in to fade to black. Implying that after using Tom Ford Research the user too, is ready for their close-up.

That is authority at work with a team of creatives that understands the art of putting your best face forward. Which is why Ford is a great creative, he too is forwardlooking.

Tom Ford Creative Director | Tom Ford
Agency | K. Studio
Photographer/Director | Steven Klein
Models | Alexandre Cunha, Birgit Kos, Blesnya Minher, Chunjie Liu, Malik Lindo
Stylist | Carine Roitfeld
Hair | Garren
Makeup | Diane Kendal


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