Tom Ford

Playful Boys & Girls Campaign

For Tom Ford’s 2018 Boys & Girls campaign, the designer himself decided to get a little messy. Photographed and directed by Steven Klein, the social ad campaign and accompanying films display a comedic play on beauty, while showcasing a rather iconic—yet totally casual—makeout-sesh featuring Tom Ford and the Australian comedian Celeste Barber.

Ford’s campaign glamorizes models Aamito Lagum, Dorit Revelis, Ellen Rosa, Francisco Rodriguez Perez, Hamid Onifade, Isabella Emmack, Liam Little, Shu Pei, and Stella Lucia, as well as comedian Celeste Barber.

One of the featured films of Ford’s campaign is composed of a steamy, messy lipstick makeout-sesh between Ford, and the Australian Instagram comedian Celeste Barber. The scene takes place in an airport terminal, and post-hookup, the pair is shown immediately popping gum and taking interest in their cellphones while an absence of dialogue remains apparent. This scene draws attention to Ford’s social commentary on technology, indicating millennials’ socially prohibiting obsession with the world of technology.

Celeste is no stranger to Ford’s scene of employing comedy in the realm of fashion. Back in September, Tom Ford released a series of parody videos on his Instagram that depict Ford preparing Celeste to walk in his shows. Prior to collaborating with Ford, Celeste rose to fame in 2015 for her parodying of celebrities’ glamor social media shots.

Also composing of the campaign is a film depicting a playful ‘lipsticks anonymous’ meeting in which a model rather unwillingly admits to having struggled with ‘shade envy.’ Through the perception of ‘shade envy,’ Ford light-heartedly indicates the concept of beauty therapy as the result of addiction—talk about poking fun at beauty! The campaign also features a model waking up from a deep sleep only to reapply her bright red lipstick, while never even bothering to remove her sleeping mask!

Tom Ford’s Boys & Girls campaign is smart. When have we ever seen a beauty brand poke fun at beauty? The answer is never. The designer truly went for a fresh take on beauty marketing, doing so in a manner that was utterly daring and bold. Ford employs a sense of fun in his eye-catching campaign as he introduces comedy for the first to the realm of beauty. Everything about the campaign indicates a comedic sense—straight down to the background music. Through his campaign’s amusing take on beauty, particularly apparent in his casual, yet steamy hookup with Celeste, Ford has revolutionized beauty advertising.

Tom Ford Creative Director | Tom Ford
Photographer/Director | Steven Klein
Cast | Tom Ford, Celeste Barber, Aamito Lagum, Dorit Revelis, Ellen Rosa, Francisco Rodríguez Perez, Hamid Onifade, Isabella Emmack, Liam Little, Shu Pei, Stella Lucia
Stylist | Carine Roitfeld
Hair | Julien d’Ys
Makeup | Fulvia Farolfi
Set Designer | Andrea Stanley
Production | Good Company

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