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Has Tommy Hilfiger reinvented the wholesale model with the Digital Showroom? The American company introduced the technology in 2015 and released a video detailing its benefits


As the fashion industry continues to evolve to fit today’s technological advancements, Tommy Hilfiger proposes a new wholesale technology that can make the wholesale experience faster and reduce waste. The American company introduced in 2015 the first-ever Digital Showroom, an interactive system that combines sales tools, brand content and data collection all on a single touchscreen interface, and recently launched a video that details how it works.

We’re pioneering new technologies that allow us to work smarter, better and faster. What started as a vision for the future became a reality.

- Tommy Hilfiger Inc.

The Digital Showroom eliminates line sheets and samples by providing high definition photos of styles and product details on a touchscreen, and by sending a summary of the buy to a client’s account.

Who could imagine a wholesale process without any physical product? Many might be reluctant to take the product buying experience digital, but the reduction in waste is hard to overlook. With the introduction of the Digital Showroom, Tommy Hilfiger has cut its sample production by 80%. The EPA said in 2012 that 84% of unwanted clothing in the US went into a landfill or an incinerator, and that figure may not take into account samples.

The video also appears to be an exclusive for the employees of Tommy Hilfiger, which begs the question as to why the company would reveal their wholesale process to their competitors? Perhaps this is a noble act from Tommy, calling other companies to go exclusively digital and reduce waste and production. What is there to lose? Brands cut costs and Tommy still has the leg up (Tommy has Digital Showrooms in countries with 24 theaters and 59 workstations).

The digital world has changed how brands sell product, how retailers service customers and how designers unveil collections, and it may have changed how brands wholesale products. The Impression believes that innovators innovate, and our hat is off to what we see as one of the industries leading innovators. That same man who broke onto the screen with a ground breaking ad campaign, is still breaking barriers.