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In an era where one can purchase almost anything via a simple swipe and click, retailers have come to recognize that their stores need to transition from simply showcases to entertainment vehicles.

Both Coach and Moncler opened New York flagships this year that delivered upon engagement often leading the guest on a journey filled with scale, proportion and plenty of eye candy. At Coach one is greeted by a mechanized conveyor belt featuring a rotating selection of coats and handbags, followed by an in-house workshop to customize your selections and a Billie Achilleos designed sculpture of Rexy — the giant dinosaur brand mascot. Likewise Moncler’s entrance way is a kinetic light sculpture, consisting of 24 gold metal 13-feet tall blades entitled “Solaris,” conceived by Belgian artist Bardula. Both retailers understood the value of path and discovery that would have made Paco Underhill proud.

Siam Discovery found a way to bridge virtual with reality through out their 40,000 square meter department store renovation in Bangkok, Thailand. Plasma filled walls that allow shoppers to share their Instagram accounts are blended with perhaps the most modern display cases in recent memory. The store has become a mecca for weekend entertainment with shoppers flocking to their bevy of restaurants or taking in their rotating featured shops.

Barneys New York impressed us with their 55,000 square foot flagship, spanning five floors that marked a return to the block where the company was founded in 1923. The stores central atrium developed by Steven Harris Architects and designer Lucien Rees Roberts has a stunning spiral staircase that blends the best of organic design with modern thinking. The retailer also merged tech and touch being the first luxury retailer to launch iBeacon technology as a way to share rich multimedia content like videos, look books, and designer interviews to inform and entertain the customer. Beacons throughout the store have the ability to deliver to a customer’s mobile device personalized recommendations of content from The Window, Barneys’ luxury editorial site, to users who choose to opt-in for this experience.

We look forward to the world of retail in 2017 as innovation gives “reason to the journey of destination.” Retail is the epitome of a brands relationship with customers offering the fullest experience and we applaud the winners of our  2016 Best of New Stores Over 5,000 Square Feet.


Architect | Studio Sofield
Founding Architect | William Sofield
Concept | Stuart Vevers

Scribing the Void | Kurt Steger
Rexy | Billie Achilleos
685 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York


Architect Firm | Gilles & Boissier
Graphic Designer | Alix Waline
Artists | “Solaris” by Bardula, “Tête Moncler” by Christophe Charbonnel
650 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022




Architect Firm | Nendo


Architect | Steven Harris Architects
Founding Architect | Steven Harris
Designer | Lucien Rees Roberts
Executive Architect | Lalire March Architects 

7th Avenue (between 16th Street and 17th Street)

New York, NY 10011