Tory Sport and Little Grumps Open Tokyo Pop-Ups

Tory Sport and Little Grumps | Open Tokyo Pop-Ups

Little Grumps Helps Tory Sport Navigate Through Tokyo


To kick off their Tory Sport takeover of Tokyo, Tory Burch’s team has enlisted their mascot Little Grumps to help them navigate the way. Acting as a scout, Little Grumps helps the house navigate the complex streets of  Tokyo as team Tory Sport launched 3 new pop-up locations today.

To share how they adapt to new cultures the house put together a (wink!) documentary film covering Little Grumps’ journey as the mas-scout learns Japanese and maneuvers the cluster of shopping districts of Tokyo. With only Tory Sport and a Japanese for Beginner’s book in Little Grumps’ luggage, our protagonist begins his adventure on boarding new friend, model Lauren Tsai, along the way. Now Little Grumps can enjoy all that the beautiful city has to offer, hanging out at each of the pop-up store locations, and taking selfies all the way. Having become more accustomed to the new surroundings, Little Grumps ends the trip in a dojo, and a kimono, fully graduating to an intermediate Japanese language book.

On the brand’s Instagram page, followers can keep up with Little Grumps’ travels throughout Tokyo as he goes to pop-up locations at Shinjuku Isetan The Stage, which opening today, as well as Isetan Salone at Roppongi which opens on Oct. 18, and Shinjuku Isetan Urban Closet opening on Oct. 25. Which is perfect as Little Grumps and fellow Japanese fans and visitors need a wide assortment of the Tory Sport collection and localized exclusives.

The film goes to show that we all have a journey to enjoy, and hats off to Little Grumps and the house of Tory Burch for their high level of CQ, Cultural Intelligence and willingness to learn, love, and embrace Tokyo. Tory Sport embodies the idea of a graceful traveler and is earning global recognition in a fun and engaging way. With all of this excitement, we at The Impression are excited too, not only to follow Tory Sport on their journey as a brand, but also where it will take Little Grumps too. And to that we say ‘Ganbatte kudasai’ to the house.