Undercover Records & L.I.E.S. Records Launch 10-Year Anniversary Capsule Collection

Undercover Shows The Important Role Music Has In Fashion By Releasing A Vinyl Record

For the Undercover Fall 2021 Collection “Fallen Man”, music created by Japanese producer Masaru Sato for the film Throne of Blood was remixed by Ron Morelli of L.I.E.S. Records and Krikor Kouchian to be played during the runway show.

This music has been compiled into a new 12-inch vinyl and will be released by Undercover Records. The inside of the folded jacket contains the two 180g discs and also features an image from the film that was utilized in the collection. Disc one’s A-side features music used for the runway show while the B-side includes a bonus track in 33 1/3 RPM. Disc two is a special mix of the same music remixed at 45 RPM into dance tracks by Vatican Shadow, MARS89, and CUB. A limited quantity of only 300 records were produced.

The synergy between fashion and music is vast from stage performance wear to designer collection influence. And while plenty of design houses have their own Spotify channels on which to share their brand lifestyle, few have gone vinyl. As we all know, a physical record conveys feelings that digital media never could, and Undercover is demonstrating the importance of their show’s music by committing themselves to a more involved medium. 

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