Valentino Releases VLogo Signature Volume II

Valentino Fall 2021 Fashion Show

Valentino Presents the Second Edition of the Artbook Vlogo Signature Vol. II

Vlogo Signature Vol.II is an editorial project directed by Pierpaolo Piccioli which involves 26 independent international publications, who were called upon to interpret the Valentino logo, each with a campaign image.

In this way, VLogo Signature assembles an archive of images and texts, photographs and drawings, signs and alphabets of a specific moment in Valentino’s recent history. This exercise of creativity, free from commercial constraints and constructions, allows the fashion house to run through different latitudes and temperatures page by page. The brand describes it as “a sort of alternative fashion yearbook that uses creation as a design matrix”.

In 1968, “Power to the Imagination” was one of many conceptual ideas from the era’s zeitgeist. Today, imagination means re-imagining in order to make things possible, and also to not stop dreaming in order to continue generating change. According to the vision of Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli, this is not a simple aesthetic exercise or a coffee table book, but a canvas of possibilities, of aesthetic-ethical tensions, and a transference of complexity through the prismatic spectrum of the Valentino logo. And every year, there is a new exercise.

As such, each magazine has reinvented the VLogo using its own creative network of art directors, photographers, and stylists, revisiting the idea of Valentino and of fashion today, which is understood as the inner drivers behind the ways in which we dress and communicate. In a process implemented by Pierpaolo Piccioli, there is freedom of movement as well as respect for the rights of all, like a workshop where people always come first.

Never before has fashion been as powerful a means of changing society and customs as it is today. Fashion is not just a simple commercial phenomenon, rather it can be an engine of evolution. All rhetoric aside, fashion can change the world, and Maison Valentino envisions its Signature as a contribution to help make this a more diverse world.

The 26 publications involved in the book are : 032c Magazine, 10 Magazine Australia, 10 Magazine UK, AnOther Magazine, Cactus Magazine, Commons&Sense Magazine, Commons&Sens Man Magazine, Dapper Dan Magazine, Dazed Korea Magazine, Dazed UK Magazine, Dust Magazine, Lula Magazine, Nylon China Magazine, Odda Magazine, Odda Korea Magazine, Perfect Magazine, Purple Magazine, Self Service Magazine, Sole Magazine, SSAW Magazine, Tank Magazine, The Greatest Magazine, Vulture Magazine, Wonderland China Magazine, and Wonderland UK Magazine.

The VLogo Signature project is also enriched by the inspirations of Valentino’s style offices that have animated the artbook with signs, drawings, and graphics.

VLogo Signature Vol.II features the creative direction of Pierpaolo Piccioli, with texts by Gea Politi and Cristiano Seganfreddo, editors of Flash Art. Maison Valentino is planning a series of activations worldwide: starting from Milan at the Via Dei Giardini newsstand (5th -10th of September, during the Milan Design Week), Paris at Elevastor store (1st – 5th of October, during the Valentino Rendez-Vous fashion show), Beijing at the Valentino Re-Signify Part II brand experience (16th of October), Tokyo at the Morioka Shoten bookstore (19th of October), Milan at the Via dei Giardini and Corso Genova newsstands (19th – 26th of October), Rome at the San Lorenzo in Lucina newsstand (20th – 26th of October), New York at the Casa Magazines bookstore (25th – 31st of October), Paris at OFR Bookshop (27th – 31st of October), Seoul at the Dazed Korea building (2nd – 12th of November) and Bihwarim bookstore (2nd – 14th of November).

The Valentino VLogo Signature Vol. II book will also be available for purchase in selected Valentino boutiques and bookshops Worldwide and distributed online.

Following the success of the first VLogo Signature takeover at Casa Magazine in New York, Valentino will follow-up with a second takeover at Casa Magazine to launch the second edition, at newsstands on October 25th. Casa Magazine, located in the West Village, has been negatively impacted by the Covid19 pandemic, as well as changes in print magazine industry and NYC rent increases over the years. Casa Magazine carries over 2,500 print titles across a variety of topics including fashion, art, cars and home design. In addition to sales of the VLogo Signature Book Vol. II, Valentino will be donating a percentage of proceeds from books sold to Casa.