Review of Victor Glemaud

Spring 2022 Fashion Show

Review of Victor Glemaud Spring 2022 Fashion Show

Going Places

By Erin Hazelton

How appropriate that the first runway show of twenty-year fashion veteran, Victor Glemaud, was staged at Penn Station… because he’s going places. 

Being a designer, having a brand and weathering twenty years of highs and lows is no small feat. Victor Glemaud has hung in, grown organically and solidly, and is finally basking in the recognition he deserves with his soon-to-launch collaboration with Target. 

Talent, hard work, persistence and an infectiously glorious personality have gotten this man to where he is… and it will be wonderful to see his clothes everywhere come September 25th, when Victor Glemaud x Target hits stores. 

But enough about that. Let’s talk about the collection Glemaud sent down the runway today. 

Victor Glemaud does knits and he does knits well.

Pink, yellow, black, white, sometimes perforated, sometimes with larger cut-outs, sometimes swirled, this season’s knits were sexy, vibrant, and had an off-duty model vibe about them: easy to wear, plenty of skin. 

The cut of Glemaud’s pieces are flattering. Shown on both men and women, both with curves and without, his pieces fit.

And after almost two years in “comfy clothes,” these pieces are ready to be worn post-Armageddon, nothing constraining about them.

The pink perforated dress attached to a bikini-like halter and a strappy neon yellow strappy top and clingy pants set, with matching knickers pulled high on the hips, were two vacation-ready looks that any Glemaud girl would want the throw into her bag. The black looks, all of them, including a shorts jumpsuit with two oval cutouts and a one-shouldered top with a cutout at the waist paired with a perforated pencil skirt are easy, but bring enough fashion for a proper night out. 

For those who need a little more pizzazz? Glemaud put forth an offering of streaked three-color looks, either black and taupe running through a pink base, or pink and pale blue on black. 

The other great thing about Glemaud’s knits? They’re easy to pack and don’t wrinkle.

Anyone else ready for a holiday?