Vivienne Westwood Launches Buy Less Dress Up Film for Spring 2019 ad campaign

Vivienne Westwood | Spring 2019 Campaign

In order to really stay true to the ethos of punk as a culture one must always embrace the continuous progression and change that comes with going against the grain of society. At the same time one must also maintain a rock solid stance to always protect and fight for the rights and fair treatment of others, particularly the oppressed. For several decades now few, if any, pop culture icons and trendsetters have embodied this more fully than Vivienne Westwood. Designers and celebrities in general who “talk the talk” are a dime-a-dozen, but those who do the real work and “walk the walk” are all too rare and Vivienne Westwood since the 70’s has been the embodiment of backing up her words with real action.

This incredible and one-of-a-kind reputation and respect she has garnered is crucial to the effectiveness of her Spring 2019 campaign and film centered around a mantra that is intertwined with her name at this point, “Buy Less, Dress Up.” From almost any other designer, a mantra like that in the ruthlessly capitalistic world of fashion and marketing would come off as totally insincere. Westwood’s well-earned reputation however evokes (as she calls herself in the campaign film) a rebellious witch telling you to create your own look and style instead of having it be manufactured by buying more stuff. In the film Westwood comes off as even more impassioned and urgent than she’s always been as she rails against (in her words) “misuse of law by government because government is taking away human rights.”

Her rallying cry against “our enemy” free-market monopoly capitalism is essentially supported by a beautifully diverse cast of models who truly cement the message that the world we create must have liberation for all, or else there will be liberation for none.



Vivienne Westwood Creative Director | Andreas Kronthaler
Photographer | Hedvig Jenning
Models | Betty Belle, Yuta Shen
Stylist | Sabina Schreder
Hair| Gary Gill
Makeup | Isamaya Ffrench
Manicurist | Marian Newman