Y-3 Spring 2020 Swim Ad Campaign Photos


Spring 2020 Swim Ad Campaign

Adidas is bringing back the basic elements of summer with the fourth drop in their Y-3 Spring Summer 2020 collection. Titled Swim, the campaign reduces the summer months down to simply warm weather, water, and beachwear.

Fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto is the mastermind behind the collection, and his designs are put on full display through the beautifully shot stills and artful fashion film of the campaign. The pictures are interesting in that they show off the collection not in or around water, as we would expect from a campaign titled ‘Swim,’ but instead in what appears to be a desert or canyons. Beachwear in the desert.

However, beyond the stills, there is a separate, and quite unconnected, film shot mostly underwater. Stunning, yet why aren’t these two tied together? It is almost as if one the print campaign was brought back to the senior executives and one raised their hand to ask ‘We are selling swimwear right?’ Then off went the marketing team again.

All that being said the campaign does work in pieces, sort of like mix and match swimsets.