Zegna Opens a New Boutique in Boston

Zegna Opens a New Boutique in Boston

Zegna has opened its new boutique in the restored The Newbury Boston

Zegna has opened on Newbury Street, a well-known luxury destination for its many retail shops and restaurants.

Designed by Zegna’s architects, the relocated Boston boutique perfectly epitomizes the resetting of the new Zegna identity under the Artistic Direction of Alessandro Sartori, following a clear agenda in which practicality and pragmatism get a progressive spin on tradition and craftsmanship to meet the modern man’s style needs towards a Luxury Leisurewear take.

The store has a wide glass façade with the main entrance on Newbury Street and a secondary entrance in the back portion of the shop, directly connected to the hotel lobby.

The sophisticated retail space is divided into two main areas: the front is a vibrant room offering casual luxury and accessories, while the rear is dedicated to tailoring and personalization.

A full-size LED-wall faces the entrance to visually transfer and tell the unique story of the brand through astonishing imagery and videos of Oasi Zegna, a natural park of 100 km2 in Piedmont, Northern Italy, where the brand was established 111 years ago and where over three generations of the Zegna family have continued to nurture the green soul of the founder. Oasi Zegna, in fact, represents the place where everything started and where the philanthropic vision of the founder became reality through sustainable projects that tangibly involved the environment and the community, planting over 500,000 trees at the beginning of the last century.

To celebrate the opening of the new boutique, and in line with our sustainable ethos, Zegna proudly confirms its commitment to the environment and the community of Boston, donating over five years in pledge to the Friends of the Public Garden.