Zegna opens the first 'Zegna Lab' in Soho

Zegna opens the first ‘Zegna Lab’ in Soho

Zegna announced the opening of the first Zegna Lab in New York City. The arrival of the Lab reinforces the company’s continual development in new and interactive retail spaces, meeting the renewed demand of the luxury leisurewear clientele.

The space is designed for changeability and will evolve over the course of each year, creating a new look and feel every month. This allows the Lab to highlight special collections, new launches and capsules and exclusive products redefining the customer journey and creating a hub for creativity and customer centricity.

To foster community in its new downtown home, Zegna is partnering with neighboring businesses to curate a selection of local experiences, which celebrate the true soul of Soho. The world has changed over the past year and a half and people are looking for more meaningful and unique experiences. Connecting local businesses and creating a sense of community in the neighborhood was an important element to Zegna when dreaming up the Lab that has been conceived as an evolutive new retail format.

The space itself has the ability to adapt to any visitor, including creating an atmosphere that suits their preferences. Furthering the Lab’s immersive experience is a Zegna curated rotating record collection inclusive of vintage vinyls and playlists from local DJs, selected monthly by the Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori.

Moving into the vibrant and artsy Soho neighborhood signifies an important moment for the 111 year old heritage brand. “The focus is to work with a more modular approach, evolving constantly to follow customers’ emotions and then creating every time a new atmosphere to fit their moments with dedicated choices”, says Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori.

Experience from November 2021.